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Imagine being able to rent or buy the house in no time, how about that? Does it make you happy? Or imagine that you as the owner can find a house for your customer as quickly as possible. Does it make you happy? We made this idea come true.

Independent design of real estate locations

Designing a plot of land for real estate has numerous advantages in various ways, which are discussed below. First of all, it is very important to pay attention to the fact that site design, like all other professions in today’s modern world, requires professional know-how. I think if you first know the features of website design in Tehran and corporate website design, you will design your website

The need to design a real estate site

There are many people who spend a lot of time and energy personally searching for a suitable place to get a mortgage and rent or buy a property, and after several weeks they may be able to find the option they want. With the advancement of web-based technologies, increasing use of cyberspace, and easy public access to the Internet, traditional business practices and real estate advice seem trivial! Because new methods and solutions on the web have brought tenants, owners and real estate consultants many opportunities and many advantages.

real-estate website

Design of the booking area

This section is designed and implemented to determine the time for signing a contract in the company or for consultation.

Contact Us Page Design

On this page you will find the contact details of the real estate agency or the housing association.

Design news and article pages

Information on choosing a property, rules governing real estate contracts and transactions, auctions and tenders are listed on this page and are updated periodically.

Create categories

The properties offered on the site are categorized by mortgage - purchase - sale - rent - participation in construction or by the type of property, e.g. etc.

Design of the property description page and photo of the property

A detailed description of each property along with a photo of the exterior and interior spaces and the rooms of the different parts of the building is implemented on this page. Items such as: Type of property - Address of the property - Type of transaction - Infrastructure and area - Number of rooms - Number of floors - Amenities such as automatic doors, elevators, fences, wall coverings, parquet, curtains, closets, shutters, electricity, telephone, Water and gas statues, building lifespan, property registration status, etc.

Search page design

This section is one of the most important and efficient sections of real estate website design. You can enter title (like apartment, private residential unit, etc.), select the area or city you want (like Tehran, Ahvaz, etc.), then choose from mortgage, rent, sale and you also have access to your options and desired items. There is also the option of an advanced search that includes more fields and is based on other factors such as area, price, etc.

Design of the map section

After you search and find a property you are looking for, you can see its geographical area on the map.

Special offers page design

This page shows properties for sale with good and exceptional conditions or at a price lower than the original sales or mortgage price.

Design of advertising parts

By paying money to the construction manager, the property owner, the advertisement of the property and its building in special advertising formats will be displayed prominently and in a special way on the first page of the website or other places on the website.

Calculation page design

In this section, the calculation and estimation of items such as home loans are provided online.

Advantages of Toos site design, Advantages of WebAva site design

According to the requests of real estate agents, WebAva Company launches and implements a professional website suitable for their activities. Creating a simple and easy management environment where the site administrator can edit the information on the site or add new elements to your site, as well as optimize the site based on the parameters of search engines such as Google, is one of the highlights of the housing website- Design or website of a real estate consultant so that they can increase the prosperity of their business by providing faster services to landlords and property owners.

what our business partners say about our team

Mr. Jackson Tana Energy Group

Before making any comments about the appearance, I must praise the appropriate and strong support in the design of our website at the first stage. In all design steps, down to the smallest appearance and technical aspects of the site, my personal opinion was fully taken into account and finally the template was implemented by Web Ava specialists according to my wishes and in accordance with ...

Tana Energy Group
Mrs. inanlo Cyrus Wheels

As a founder and designer, I've never found a more reliable and professional website development company than Web Ava Co. We carried out all of our collaboration processes for making our company's websites from A to Z online, which was very helpful ...

Cyrus Wheels
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