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WebAva Information Technology Company started in 2013 with a focus on providing application design and site design services. After continuing the activities of this group for two years to promote the companies' business, the services of this company have expanded to include site optimization and SEO services. In 2016, three years after the company was founded, key members of the company called for fundamental changes in the company's strategy despite the significant growth of the Internet in Dubai. With a decade of experience and graduates of specialists from the best international universities and with practical and efficient experience as well as professionalism and familiarity with modern science, the company with the brand “Web Ava” offers a suitable platform for projects in the digital world. And finally, we are proud to start our operations in Germany in 2021 due to the high demand from our customers.

Our strategy

Since the beginning of WebAva's operations, providing specialized and continuous services in the Internet environment and meeting the needs of organizations and businesses in Dubai has been one of the company's priorities. Therefore, in addition to web design projects, development and marketing services have been added that will increase the efficiency of our users' websites. The structural strategy of WebAva Company is to be among the top ten companies in the field of information technology, which requires the work of all employees of this group around the clock.

Our Services
  • Designing specialized websites with the latest digital knowledge
  • Providing advice and new solutions in the area of online business according to company metrics
  • Deploying the most specialized team in website optimization and increasing search engine traffic (SEO)
  • Providing a variety of Linux and Windows virtual servers and a variety of popular and standard hosting
  • Registration of national and international domains with foreign endings
  • Production and programming of the mobile application IOS - ANDROID
  • Building and programming a variety of platforms based on content management systems
Our Goals
  • Create a satisfied smile and convey a positive feeling about our services
  • Professional support and 24-hour service
  • Customer approval of all project phases
  • Providing training courses to customers and employees of the company
  • Conducting recreational and educational campaigns and meetings
  • Delivering the right plans within your budget at the highest performance efficiency
  • And finally, the development of our customers' business is one of the main goals of WebAva company
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