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Designing a store website or designing an online store website is one of the most important tools and manifestations of e-commerce or cyber-commerce on the web. It is clear that designing the store site uses a number of special platforms requires that we will not need when designing the company website. These are the small differences that make a store website more successful than its competitors.

Another store site is the design of a digital currency site that allows users to buy and sell various currencies.
Let’s talk a little about the details of competition in the world of e-commerce and online sales. According to global statistics, by 2019 only ten percent of global retail will be conducted online. In western industrialized countries the number has risen to more than 24 percent, and in developed countries such as Germany to less than 1 percent. With the expansion of the Internet and mobile communications infrastructure in our country in recent years, we have witnessed the growth of startups and online sales sites in Germany, and it is predicted that we will see a significant growth of online stores in the next 5 years. This statistic is enough to realize the importance of online store and store site design for your business. At WebAva Company, we help you join an online business in Germany by designing a completely professional store website.

Goals for store site design

If your goal is to design a store site to transform your business environment, improve customer service and reach your competitors’ market, you must put a unique and completely dedicated design for your business on the agenda. You may be wondering what is the difference between designing a fully dedicated store site and ready-made instrument stores on the market? The constant and repetitive form of store builders, as well as the lack of high security for busy stores and on the other hand, the dependence of your business on another company are among the disadvantages of planning a unique store site for you. The second topic is to discuss creativity and making a difference to your competitors. To have a say in entering this huge market, you must give your services a new creativity and difference, otherwise you will fail.

Introduction and possibility to compare products in the Online-Shop

Ability to check and compare products and their prices: When shopping online easily and in a short time, with a small search you can compare the status and features as well as the quality. Online shopping can be done from any place, be it home, work or any other place, without requiring physical exercise and spending a lot of energy and time.
In most online stores it is possible to buy the product without much formality or to return it if you are not satisfied, so the exchange is easy.
Other benefits include reducing additional costs such as travel costs and avoiding unnecessary purchases that suddenly arise when browsing traditional stores. Finally, the most important advantage of online shopping may be its convenience and simplicity.

Shop site design can be created for service sites such as exchange sites, movie and series sites and all kinds of devices and services that can be sold.

Symbol of electronic trust in store site design

The E-Commerce Development Center of the Ministry of Mining Industry, after verifying that the design of the online store website has been designed and implemented in accordance with the required standards and security, awards the electronic symbol (E symbol) to the mentioned online shop and this symbol to gain trust guarantees customers and their trust when shopping in the online shop.

what our business partners say about our team

Mr. Jackson Tana Energy Group

Before making any comments about the appearance, I must praise the appropriate and strong support in the design of our website at the first stage. In all design steps, down to the smallest appearance and technical aspects of the site, my personal opinion was fully taken into account and finally the template was implemented by Web Ava specialists according to my wishes and in accordance with ...

Tana Energy Group
Mrs. inanlo Cyrus Wheels

As a founder and designer, I've never found a more reliable and professional website development company than Web Ava Co. We carried out all of our collaboration processes for making our company's websites from A to Z online, which was very helpful ...

Cyrus Wheels
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